Gtk2-Perl Torrent RSS feed reader for linux.

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New Release! 1.8beta - Added multiple feed patch by Tom Zaworowski also updated all feeds for EZTV, CTV, VTV the new TV release sites. Look out for more updates.

1.7 - TV RSS has been migrated to the new XML::RAI perl module code, All users experiencing problems with 1.6 is highly recommended to upgrade to TV RSS 1.7 and XML::RAI 1.04.

1.6 - Updated hardcoded URLs (quit switching! lol), Added -clearoptions. Command Line version is in the works, after much requests. ;)

1.5 - Lots of fixes/cleanup plus new Console and Downloaded dialog.

1.4 - Now with Auto Downloading based on Regular Expressions! Plus several bug fixes, Recommended update.